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         Shenzhen sikaiwei Wiring Equipment Co., Ltd.is a research and development , processing and sale of technology-based service companies. The main business is KSS wiring accessories product development and related infrastructure, headquartered in China Taiwan , the product quality is better than peers , while access to the IS09001, IS014001, UL, CSA, DNY, VDE and other international certification GL . Specific types are as follows ---
          Cable Markers ( also known number tube or pipe line number ): O -type code tube ( various size print can be customized according to customer requirements ), O -type hose blank , blank flat -type hose , EC type , ECP type color with line marks, logos boxes, flat type wire marks, logos target , labeling boxes, signs nameplates, wiring signs adhesion , N -type , OC type , CM type , MB -, U- , SM -type wiring and other signs .
Metal head, the waves of the series ( also known as waterproof connectors , bellows ) products are : PG connector , M -type connector , micro switch jacket, waves fittings, open type and sealed type wave tube , metal hose , metal connectors and other series.
Nylon cable tie , ending with a series ( also known as cable ties , Pipe ) products include: nylon cable ties , wide -type ties, outdoor UV resistant cable ties, cable tie gun, locking cable ties , bead -shaped ties, flag ties, seals ties, utilizing cable ties, cable tie retreat , bolt end zone , herringbone tie , button tie , stainless steel cable ties, unplug and button -type end zone and other products.
        PVC wiring duct products include : PVC trunking ( with 8MM, 6MMM, 4MM outlet hole ) , poke trunking , trunking rivets, sealed trough, separated type trunking, trunking and decorating , integrated trunking floor with trough, telephone trunking and other products.
       Retaining clip , holder series products: cable retaining clip , U-shaped bracket , sticky block type holder , two-stage mounts, adjustable mounts, bolt mounts , gecko -type mounts, cable tie mounts wiring fixed film series .
Insulating sleeve, cable series products: logo insulating sleeve, terminal casing, protective cover, hex screw to take protective cover, alligator clip , crocodile clip sleeves , heat shrinkable sleeves , closed-end terminals ( also known as milk mouth ) , closed-end terminals tools, screw -type connectors, wiring folders.
        Protect parts series products: power line deduction , the deduction line tools, free insulation sleeve , button bushing , grommet , plug , plug cover , USB cover , insurance cover and other wire .
Terminal series : R -type terminals ( also known as O- round terminals ), Y -type terminals , pin terminals , male and female plug , needle naked terminal , the connection terminals, insulated male and female plug , hook -type male and female plug , bullet type male and female plug , waterproof shrinking male and female plug , brass terminals , Continental terminal , double sets of European terminals , flag terminals and so on.
         PC board components are: PC board isolation column ( also known as rocket column ) , flat isolation, PC board to the ear , gecko -type isolation, push-type isolation, PC board track, isolated hexagonal columns, hexagonal screw in isolation, nylon rivets, rivet rotary , push rivets , round body spacers , gaskets, plastic screws , RJ45 connectors and sleeves , U -type connection and the like.
         Button series are: saddle clamp sets , bolt buckle line sets, isolation clamp sets , C- clamp sets , twisted wire snap ring , transistors seat , gaskets , LED Block , Block capacitors , high voltage isolation coils , Shuangkou twisted wire ring , N -type clamp covers.
         Supporting tools equipment products are: line printer , triple busbar processing machines, video machines , trunking scissors , various terminal clamp , wire strippers, cable cutters and so on.

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